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Images by Dwight, LLC provides photography services in southeastern Wisconsin. please feel free to browse my site.

I have retired from photographing Burlington High School Sporting events. I started because I thought I might get more clients for high school senior portraits and maybe even other photographic work. It was fine at first but no longer is the case. I will shoot sport events upon request. There will be a charge for those services. Please contact me for the cost.

You can order prints on line or print out order forms from the link shown below and mail them to me along with a check made out to Dwight Beuthling. If you have any questions please contact me.

On line orders will be corrected and cropped for the best possible image. If you have requests as to cropping please let me know.

I also provide images for individual Facebooks, at no charge. Just email me the picture number(s).

I  do other photography, such as high school senior portraits, family, graduation, parties, prom photos. Please call if you have any questions or pricing. I have specials for return customers.

If you want a fine art photograph I request that you call me. There are discounts that are not shown that I may be able to give to you.

Cover Page Print Order Form (Mail In Only)

Continuation Page Print Order Form (Mail In Only)